What Are Your Options When It Comes To Male Enhancement And Size?

If you want a bigger , you now have more options than ever available to you than ever before

Here are some of your options and how they compare.


Surgery is one way to get a longer or thicker .

Most men realize that surgery does not guarantee huge length gains.

Usually, just ½ to 1 inch gains are possible.

To lengthen the , the surgeon will cut the ligaments at the base.

Since about 1/3 of the  is located inside the body, cutting this ligament can make more of the  extend out of the body.

Men will have to wear an extension device after the surgery to keep the  from retracting back into the body again.

More gains are possible with widening surgery though this process is much more complex and involves putting a graft around the  tissue.

The cost of surgery is about $10,000.

Extension Devices

An extender causes permanent enlargement but gradually.

The device works by pulling outward on your  which then promotes cell division in the same way as bodybuilding.

The best extenders can usually help you gain 1-3 inches in length and width and are proven to work by the British Journal of Urology as seen here – https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/18990153

The devices usually cost $100-$500 and must be worn about 6 hours a day. The most popular is the SizeGenetics.


Enlargement pills do not increase the overall size of your . Instead, they increase the size of your erections.

They work by stimulating more blood flow to the  so it becomes more enlarged while hard.

Pills are often great for your health but you must be cautious to make sure you aren’t buying any cheap pills which have ineffective or dangerous ingredients.

Over the long run, pills are expensive because you must continue to take them forever.

At about $40-60 per month, costs can quickly add up.


Pumps like the Bathmate help you get a bigger erection by suctioning large amounts of blood into your .

They are highly recommended by doctors to men who have erectile dysfunction.

The Bathmate is the safest method of enlargement and the only one that feels good to use!


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